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We believe in a non-traditional approach to food freedom, eating disorder recovery and self-love. 


We believe that the body is wise, has incredible capacity for healing, and that this journey can lead you to your most authentic self.


We believe that recovery and freedom need to be re-defined to reflect expansion rather than perfection, intuition plus cognition rather than cognition or intuition alone, and acceptance rather than shame.


We believe in body liberation and reclamation, that you can heal your relationship with food, and that your intuition is your most profound and potent guiding light.  


We want you to know that you deserve to feel free in your body and that true embodied healing is your right.

Co-Founders Dr. Haile Michaelson & Zara Neukom

“What if we told you there is a reason you have been through this. What if your body has been speaking to you all along?”