Our Mission

We believe in a non-traditional approach to food freedom, eating disorder recovery and self-love. 


We believe that the body is wise, has incredible capacity for healing, and that this journey will lead you to your most authentic self.


We believe that recovery and freedom need to be re-defined to reflect expansion rather than perfection, intuition plus cognition rather than cognition or intuition alone, and acceptance rather than shame.


We believe in body liberation and reclamation, that you can heal your relationship with food, and that your intuition is your most profound and potent guiding light.  


We want you to know that you deserve to feel free in your body and that true embodied healing is your right.

Our Team

Dr. Haile Michaelson, ND

Co-Founder, Coach, Healer

Find answers, clarity, expansion, healing.

I help clients transform their lives and heal their bodies via an integrative, mind, body, soul approach.  


My relationship with my body has laid the foundation for my life’s work. Body has felt like adversary, teacher, prison and prisoner of sorts, long-suffering witness, and—eventually—fiercest ally. What used to house incredible pain for me, is now a profound source of wisdom, connection, and healing.   If you had told me when I was younger that I would one day love my thighs and all of my body, and also one day be free of the shackles of orthorexia, yoyo dieting, disordered eating and over-exercise, I would not have believed you!   My life in a lot of ways was a build up of the most painful and difficult aspects of each of these, all leading me to learn and keep learning, then expand and expand some more.


I was born highly sensitive and with a deep sense of knowing. I was often told I was “too sensitive” and from a young age I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. This sense of discomfort and unease grew with me, and by the time I reached adolescence I believed the only way to relieve such unbearable discomfort was to shrink. To take my too-much and make it less. One by one, my passions were hijacked by restrictive exercise routines, and my love for elite soccer became yet another way to disguise and justify my goal of becoming smaller. Eventually, I found myself in the full throes of an eating disorder: binging, purging, restricting, and desperately willing my body to be different. I spent years in jails of my own making, disconnecting from my intuition, and squeezing myself until I lost sight of my mission and my desire to live. My rock bottom moment was becoming too sick to do certain things I loved. Rock bottom is a cold, damp, terrifying pit, but it’s also the birthplace of divine possibility. Only after hitting the base layer of the abyss, did I begin to climb my way back up.

I began a 20 year quest of sorts, to study and find out as much as I could about healing.


I completed 8 years of post graduate traditional studies, in psychology & nutrition at McGill University, and then naturopathic medicine at the Boucher Institute.  I paralleled studies in meditation, and intuition, nano-cellular healing and intention-based healing modalities .  I spent time doing 30 day long meditation retreats, sitting and going within.  My soul was slowly waking up to all of the ways I had been sleeping and all of the work that needed to be done.  My body began to take me on a journey.  The more I learned about intuition and each person's ability to KNOW, and lead from their own knowingness,  the more I realized that all of these aspects needed to be brought forward for true healing.  And not just these aspects, but a true mind-body-soul combination.


At the same time, within myself, I was learning how to transform the energy of 'trying' & 'shrinking' into expansion, and use my struggle as a catapult to reach higher places.  I viewed the studies in psychology, nutrition, botanical medicine and the mind-body connection, gut healing, hormone balance etc in the same light - that the regular modalities are a kind of cement base, for healing, AND that also we need to move towards paradigms that are inclusive of OUR OWN KNOWINGNESS VIA OUR BODY.  My whole being knew I had been collecting everything I learned from cadaver labs and food research, counselling courses, botanical studies etc - the brain, the gut, the mind, and the body, and then the soul - TO BE ABLE TO ILLUMINATE TRANSFORMATION AND FREEDOM FOR OTHERS.


As a coach for The Rising, I love leading retreats, teaching meditation practices, doing one-on-one coaching sessions, and supporting clients through our programs. This work and our programs are a compilation of the studies, the modalities and the experiences that I have learned and been through. I want nothing more than for everyone struggling to find freedom.  My biggest mission is to help with healing, and transformation via strengthening each person’s ability to learn and KNOW their own mind, body soul.   I am a mom of two little boys, I meditate, workout, run a business and wholeheartedly believe it is possible for each of us to live balanced lives and truly love our bodies, our whole selves, each other, and the world. I know what it’s like to be in the trenches, in a war against yourself. And, I know what it takes (and what it feels like) to emerge battle-worthy and victorious.  


Sessions with me involve working with a range of tools and modalities with a focus on bringing forward the answers to any questions and then going deeper into the real 'waking up' of our body's innate wisdom, our mind's patterns and plasticity, our innate connectivity & the importance of the earth, food and health to the entire journey.  As a Rising coach, I work with clients internationally via phone, Skype and email, and offer in-person sessions with booking information here.

Zara Neukom

Co-Founder, Nutritionist & Mentor



- Sonya Renee Taylor


Trust me, I know what it’s like to feel like your body is wrong. I know the heartache, discomfort and ever-present preoccupation with your skin. I know what it’s like to hear a voice saying you can start living once you reach a certain size, you will be loved then and you will be free then. I’ve carried that spirit clenching, stomach churning, fire-in-your-throat feeling for the better part of my life. 


It’s amazing when the clarity hits, when I realized how forcefully I twisted my soft flesh into shapes not meant for me. The backbone of my recovery has been about unearthing these deep memories and experiences, learning to tune in to my own wisdom and reject the narrative that whispered about the inadequacy of my body. From those ashes, and with the guidance of the wise women who came before me,  I have learned to trust myself, discover my own healing, and reclaim my relationship with my body. It has been a personal pilgrimage; a deep-dive into self-exploration and a journey back to my most authentic form.


My passion lies in the parallels that exist between our relationship with the earth and our relationship with ourselves. I believe the same systems of oppression that are that are working against our bodies are also working against the land. You could call me an ecofeminist, an advocate for body liberation and environmental stewardship. I found my worship when I returned to the landscape. I found the power of my body when I used it to experience the world. I learned that women are represented in the water, in the cedar trees, in the desert-scape and the wind that rushes unadulterated through the canyon. My own healing happened when I tuned into the majesty of wild places and when I saw myself in the curves of the river banks and the softness of the morning sky.


I believe an eating disorder is a rebellion, its strength is proportional to our primal desire to subvert and disrupt the structures that thrive off of our insecurities. It’s a call to come back to your true self.


Haile and I are creating a new paradigm for healing. We can’t continue to use conventional practices to heal an unconventional thing because it isn’t working. Our process is about deconstructing and unlearning the patterning that keeps us quiet and small. We built this this space from the pillars of radical acceptance and internal wisdom.  We created The Rising for you to channel and explore your own knowing.


The poet, Mary Oliver, calls the soul “the wild, silky parts of ourselves”, I believe that we all hold a tenderness that is hidden and wild. An eating disorder belongs to that part of you. You are not weak, you are not a disease, this journey is about discovering the wild, silky part of yourself that is roaring to be seen.  It’s time to own your power and honour your body. There is a spark in each and every one of us who knows this fierce ache, my purpose is to tell you that this is our medicine


Brave one, I am here to be of service to you on this journey and I am in constant awe of the part of you that is reaching for recovery. Know that you are on the right path and that it is possible to be free. Welcome to your healing