Have you struggled with dieting, disordered eating and the pain of hating your body?

Are you hungry to live a life free of self-criticism, exercise addiction and relentless control?

Have you ever experienced a deep inner knowing that tells you to surrender to divine timing? 

The Freedom Program is about healing your relationship with food and body. It is a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to re-connecting with your intuition and learning the power of your body.

We want you to show you that true freedom is possible, you can make peace with food, you can learn to love your body and you can develop full embodied self-trust.  

10 modules will walk you through the following topics, each including a video session or a mentoring session, and homework to do at home. 

Topics include

  • thoughts, emotions & mind-body medicine

  • the magic of the body - how to re-frame your relationship with exercise 

  • the fat layer 

  • the earth and how it plays a role in freedom

  • how to activate intuition

  • how to heal the gut and the brain

  • how to find purpose 

  • how to let go of self-sabotage and step into self-worth

  • how to heal your relationship with food

  • Discover what it feels like to stand in your truth

  • how to trust your body 

How do I get started? 


There are two ways to complete the Freedom Program​ 


1) One-on-one sessions with  Zara and Haile.  Space for sessions is limited but you can book here or email special requests or questions here

3) Small group digital course, offering interactive modules, video content, and access to Q&A and membership community sessions. Information  here

See more information, frequently asked questions and sign up information here.

Welcome to your healing. 

What people are saying about the Freedom Program

The Freedom Program is nothing short of profound…


It flips diet culture on its head and shows us that: in a world where many are told that their qualms with food will always be with them, true healing does exist. This program gave me an opportunity to dive deeper into all aspects of my life, anchor in my self-love and connect with the intuitive wisdom that lies within me. It reminded me that the challenges I have with food and my body are a catalyst to discover my true purpose and nature. These challenges have, and continue to, transform into superpowers! The Freedom Program has helped me integrate these powers into my life. 



Thank you, Zara and Haile, for creating this program and embodying this work. You have both held incredibly safe and sacred space for me in my journey towards healing. The compassion and love we’ve shared on this path is something I hold very dear in my heart. You are both leading the way with your wisdom and your beckons of sparkly bright light.

- Maia (Oregon, USA)


Zara and Haile are magic together. 


Being a witness to their chemistry in a room and how they so purposefully curate a space for healing and relearning to love ourselves was truly a honour. 

Doing the work with this specific program, I quickly learned to be less about DOING to feel better but rather its BEING that will make women feel better. Their content spoke so eloquently to how our bodies KNOW and its only when we sit and listen to it, is  when we start to fall back in love again with ourselves again. 

This program works. 

I can’t express enough how grateful I feel have found this program and feel empowered to spread their teachings to many women around me struggling with their relationships with food and body.

- Ashley (Kelowna, BC)